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To compare the incidence and complications of extravasation of low-osmolar nonionic contrast media, injected manually and by the automatic power injector (API).

Published in 01 March 2005

Reconstructing diet is critical to understanding hominin adaptations. Isotopic and functional morphological analyses of early hominins are compatible with consumption of hard foods, such as mechanically-protected seeds, but dental microwear analyses are not.

Published in 17 January 2020

To analyze the differences between novice and expert orthodontists examining panoramic radiographs with incidental findings of varying difficulty. The null hypothesis states no difference in the examination pattern of panoramic radiographs between novice and expert orthodontists.

Published in 01 December 2019

On radionuclide somatostatin receptor imaging studies, the spleen shows high physiologic uptake. Reducing the intensity of the image settings helps to better assess the distribution of radiotracer in the spleen. In our routine studies, we incidentally recognized that 68Ga-DOTANOC PET provides higher-resolution splenic images than 111In-octreotide SPECT.

Published in 01 June 2018

To compare the radiation dose during pelvic x-ray examinations using computed radiography (CR) and film-screen (FS) radiography at various x-ray tube voltages (kV) and tube-current time product (mAs) values.

Published in 01 September 2005